Bioshock: Infinite — Song Bird High Pressure Sensitivities Revealed



So this is why the eye cracks when you fall from the skyline.  Interesting.  How many other things are hidden in the gorgeous designs?


Design Stream

I am thinking about doing a stream tonight in which I work on a few layout and channel logo features.  Would anyone be interested in seeing how to make some graphics and use Photoshop?

ETA: 8:30 PM EST.

Pants are optional.

X-com Soldiers in Civ 5

Time to dust off this game.  

Saturday Stream Poll Time

WWE ’13 Friday Night Frenzy: The Big D versus Randy Orton

How many RKO’s can I take? Watch and see.

Day 2 of Rocksmith. The fans love me.

So as a person who was a teenager in the 1990’s, I loved playing rock music.  I have let my guitar skills slide considerably and had some fun with Guitar Hero in the past, but there was something missing.  Rocksmith has provided that missing element– the bloody guitar.

Though I was never formally trained (I taught myself with the help of my dad from time to time) I still had a blast learning songs and even performing here and there in college.  I get the sense that Rocksmith has all the elements to teach while playing that most instruction can’t handle.  It’s pretty generous and will only start dropping phrase levels if you really muck it up.

So shine up your leather codpiece and get the Aqua Net spraying.  The Big D is ready to rock.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit (Initial Thoughts)


I have to say that I have really been drawn to some new games that feel old.  Don’t Starve and Sword of the Stars: The Pit, to name a few.  Here is the layout I have temporarily thrown together.  It is a heartless game that has no pity for the weak gamer.  The real question is, why am I playing it then?

Don’t Starve: I must survive the winter.

I start off as Wilson to survive a very harsh winter.

Beefalo on Fire from Don’t Starve

Beefalo on Fire Don't Starve

So it turns out that a thunderstorm can set a beefalo on fire. Too bad he didn’t die, I was hoping for a new horn.

What should I stream March 17, 2013?