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No Show

I haven’t stopped streaming or playing but time has been short as of late.  With the holiday this past week I found myself without much time to stream.  I have also found myself lacking the energy to truly stream a decent cast.  Maybe it’s the lack of games that really make me want to  have an audience or maybe it’s my own personal demons with which I am fighting but I wish I had more to show.

I am rather excited about some new games that I haven’t streamed yet. First and foremost is Rust, by the maker of Garry’s Mod.  Think of it as Dayz meets Minecraft.  It’s fun, crazy, and full of potential.

Secondly, I am learning about Cube World.  This is certainly a refreshing game for just relaxing.  Again it has some roots in Minecraft but is more about questing and crafting rather than building.

Lastly, I have dug my way back into Guild Wars 2 and want to give that the attention I didn’t the first time around.  So if you are playing any of these games, let me know and maybe we can quest together.


The Last of Us: First Impressions and a Choice

I started streaming The Last of Us on Friday night and found myself very moved by the cinematic quality of the story, voice acting, gameplay, and especially the graphics.  I also found myself impacted by the events that occurred in the first sequence.  Spoilers ahead for those that don’t want to see.

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Weekend Break Time

I finally finished the Defiance main quest before the show opens.  I feel very optimistic about this game.  At first I thought it was another forgettable shooter MMO but it continues to be fun.  It walks the line of the monotony that I sometimes get with Borderlands but there are enough things to do to keep you busy.

I also have been very pleased with Star Conflict.  Much like War Thunder this space shooter allows you to casually have fun flying a variety of ships.  A slightly bigger squadron would be nice but having friends out there with you makes it oh so more enjoyable.

I also got to test the Marvel Heroes beta build and am very pleased that it is fun and seamlessly allows other player interaction.  I wonder how large the hero base will be but just smashing baddies with Colossus made me very happy.

I won’t be streaming tonight or Sunday but hope to be back next week for some good times.

Tuesday April 2nd Stream



I think tonight will be a Don’t Starve night.  I need to rehang my chroma key screen but I finished Bioshock: Infinite last night and just want to hang out and have some fun.  Any suggestions on what else I might play are welcome.