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WWE 2K15: Ruthless Mehtensity


I know there were last gen versions of this game but I will be talking entirely about my experiences on the PS4.  This was the digital pre-order and was a release day version.

So where to start. I’m a huge wrestling fan and have been playing wrestling related games since maybe 1989 or even 1986 if you count the NES Pro Wrestling title.  There’s always a much needed balance between simulation and action that can sometimes lead to unbalanced game concepts.  Frankly, one of my favorite games was either N64 No Mercy or N64 Wrestlemania 2000.  The amount of CAW (Create a Wrestler) options and story mode alternatives made the replayability extremely high.  The actual gameplay was simple but addicting in that you got all the signature moves of your favorite star.  So how could the next/current gen console games improve on that? Read the rest of this entry


PayDay 2 Beta Impressions

I decided to pick up PayDay 2 after watching a fellow streamer play the beta.  It looked like a fun and frantic shooter with a good deal of unlockables and a ton of strategy to consider.  The mechanics seem simple at first but you can easily muck up a simple jewelry store heist by getting overzealous or forgetting to zip tie that pesky hooker.  The gameplay was smooth and the only issue I had so far was not having enough steam friends who have the beta…

No Show

I haven’t stopped streaming or playing but time has been short as of late.  With the holiday this past week I found myself without much time to stream.  I have also found myself lacking the energy to truly stream a decent cast.  Maybe it’s the lack of games that really make me want to  have an audience or maybe it’s my own personal demons with which I am fighting but I wish I had more to show.

I am rather excited about some new games that I haven’t streamed yet. First and foremost is Rust, by the maker of Garry’s Mod.  Think of it as Dayz meets Minecraft.  It’s fun, crazy, and full of potential.

Secondly, I am learning about Cube World.  This is certainly a refreshing game for just relaxing.  Again it has some roots in Minecraft but is more about questing and crafting rather than building.

Lastly, I have dug my way back into Guild Wars 2 and want to give that the attention I didn’t the first time around.  So if you are playing any of these games, let me know and maybe we can quest together.

The Last of Us: First Impressions and a Choice

I started streaming The Last of Us on Friday night and found myself very moved by the cinematic quality of the story, voice acting, gameplay, and especially the graphics.  I also found myself impacted by the events that occurred in the first sequence.  Spoilers ahead for those that don’t want to see.

Read the rest of this entry

Rising Storm is Refreshing

So I picked up Rising Storm, the latest expansion to the Red Orchestra 2 franchise.  For those of you that don’t know that it’s a WW2 military sim/shooter.  The main draw is a beautiful blend of realism and action that feels refreshing.  From the ultra-fast and often easy shooters of the modern era there was something fun about failing but feeling like your small fails didn’t ruin the entire game.  That may sound weird but the learning curve is rather high, so when you finally figure something out and understand how you need to rearrange your tactics; things get interesting.

From my first run through I got too gun crazy and ran through fire without thinking about my team.  I popped my head out enough times to give some snipers easy pickings.  Once I did the training and thought about my first time in, I ended up being at the top of the list and really enjoyed being more cautious.  How strange in the era of modern twitch shooters, a game that favors your to take cover and work together doesn’t seem campy.  Rather it seems full of adrenaline and grit.

It’s only $20 on Steam and there seems to be a rather active community, so if you have some cash laying around and need a fun experience in the lull that is the Summer gaming calendar; go for Rising Storm.

Weekend Fun

With so many games in my library it has been hard to stick to one and stream it consistently.  I really want to get back to Don’t Starve and see how large I can make my home base.  I also am loving going back and playing some retro games like Lufia 2, Bubble Bobble, and so many other great NES/SNES games.  I also really enjoyed playing some BF3 again with my poppa. I think it’s time to schedule some games for certain nights and leave one day up for a random game.

As for DayZ, I am really hoping for some new content like DayZ Fusion and Breaking Point. I would love to have more people team up with me but it seems like most of us have moved on to other games.

Then there was Neverwinter…

…well I like the game but don’t want to get sucked into the MMORPG quicksand.  I will pick it up from time to time, but the game hasn’t even fully released so I think I will have time to explore this and maybe even some Guild Wars 2 once again.

Let me know what directions you would like to see me go and any strengths or weaknesses of my channel.  I am not offended by criticism and welcome it to make my channel grow.



Pick the stream game for tonight.

Weekend Break Time

I finally finished the Defiance main quest before the show opens.  I feel very optimistic about this game.  At first I thought it was another forgettable shooter MMO but it continues to be fun.  It walks the line of the monotony that I sometimes get with Borderlands but there are enough things to do to keep you busy.

I also have been very pleased with Star Conflict.  Much like War Thunder this space shooter allows you to casually have fun flying a variety of ships.  A slightly bigger squadron would be nice but having friends out there with you makes it oh so more enjoyable.

I also got to test the Marvel Heroes beta build and am very pleased that it is fun and seamlessly allows other player interaction.  I wonder how large the hero base will be but just smashing baddies with Colossus made me very happy.

I won’t be streaming tonight or Sunday but hope to be back next week for some good times.

Brainstorming Some Merchandise

So who would buy a Big D shirt?

Let me know what you think a shirt for my channel should have.


Tuesday April 2nd Stream



I think tonight will be a Don’t Starve night.  I need to rehang my chroma key screen but I finished Bioshock: Infinite last night and just want to hang out and have some fun.  Any suggestions on what else I might play are welcome.