The Last of Us: First Impressions and a Choice

I started streaming The Last of Us on Friday night and found myself very moved by the cinematic quality of the story, voice acting, gameplay, and especially the graphics.  I also found myself impacted by the events that occurred in the first sequence.  Spoilers ahead for those that don’t want to see.

I once commented on the “daddening” of games, which referred to the change from teenage heroes to father figures often lamenting or saving their daughters.  Well this game certainly falls into that category as not only does your daughter die in your arms but your companion throughout the game is a near copy of your dead daughter.  As a dad of a nearly 5 year old girl, it shook me and though I felt the pain as if it were my own I wanted to play on.

There is something genuinely scary about this game.  It isn’t the “zombies” or infected hosts of a parasitic fungus but rather the tension the game mechanics force you into feeling.  I have played many zombie games and FPS games but the necessity to hide from the “Clickers” truly makes you rely on figuring out a strategy in each room and not just going in guns blazing.  Sure you can go in guns blazing but the ammo is scarce and the gun mechanics aren’t exactly akin to COD or Battlefield.  The combat instead feels very realistic, so much so that after a room is cleared you nearly need to pause and relax to clear your head.  Though I am not that far into the game it still feels like I have been through a war and just wish for a secret weapon or power leveling to “cheat” the combat a little. (Yeah right.)

I don’t want to give a full review as I haven’t even cracked the rest of the game nor have I even looked at the multi-player (if you want to team up send me a message) so I will leave my reactions so far with this:

I am feeling that my streaming the single player is not conducive to a entertaining stream.  There are many other bigger streamers that can show the story.  I feel way to tense and am concentrating so much that I can’t watch chat and am not even talking.  I think I might just record it offline and stream other things that provide more interaction.  The multi-player might be more entertaining but for now I need some time alone and take my mind off the story and how it has affected me.  Let me know what you think.


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