Weekend Fun

With so many games in my library it has been hard to stick to one and stream it consistently.  I really want to get back to Don’t Starve and see how large I can make my home base.  I also am loving going back and playing some retro games like Lufia 2, Bubble Bobble, and so many other great NES/SNES games.  I also really enjoyed playing some BF3 again with my poppa. I think it’s time to schedule some games for certain nights and leave one day up for a random game.

As for DayZ, I am really hoping for some new content like DayZ Fusion and Breaking Point. I would love to have more people team up with me but it seems like most of us have moved on to other games.

Then there was Neverwinter…

…well I like the game but don’t want to get sucked into the MMORPG quicksand.  I will pick it up from time to time, but the game hasn’t even fully released so I think I will have time to explore this and maybe even some Guild Wars 2 once again.

Let me know what directions you would like to see me go and any strengths or weaknesses of my channel.  I am not offended by criticism and welcome it to make my channel grow.




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  1. Dins,

    With your time in a game like Don’t Starve, if you made Don’t Starve “guides” while streaming it and uploaded the guide to youtube that would be very awesome. You know just as much as Rip about Don’t Starve. Kids and “older” folks like us enjoy that game. Bigger crowd with that type of game.

    Maybe playing games with your daughter could be something that makes your channel different.

    That’s my 2 cents 🙂

    I always down for DayZ tweet at me if its off stream. I will join ya. 😀

    Rofl Out

  2. I personally enjoy when you’re able to have some kind of audience participation. Like with Game Dev Tycoon or when you do a create your own wrestler in WWE. Games that allow for streamer and chat interaction are something worth considering putting into your rotation. Don’t Starve is a game that is easy to play and allows for commentary and chat interaction. If you really want to grow your channel you’re probably going to have to grind a couple nights a week on Black Ops 2 or other AAA games.

    I say grind, because you’ll probably bore of it quickly, but as far as I can tell that seems to be what gets big views. I dig the art thing that you sometimes do on your stream, but that’s probably a tiny niche. The video guide thing rofl mentioned could work well with some of the more deep games. You might even create a written guide as companion piece for some videos, or in depth topics. You could use some stills of your videos in the guides to dress them up a bit.

    Finding the right balance between graphics and written content in your guides will help with people of differing attention spans. The guides would definitely benefit from a quality over quantity approach, and they’d serve as an opportunity to plug your channel.

    I’m ultimately just guessing at what works, but who knows the internet is a unpredictable mistress. You might find out hosting an open mic night on your stream for fart jokes might get you to the big time. Weirder has happened.


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